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2020 Pesticide Hazards and Your Health
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2020 Pesticide Hazards and Your Health
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2020 Pesticide Hazards and Your Health
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No one wants to experience a pesticide exposure but if it happens, you need to know how to respond. This course will cover the basic first aid procedures for pesticide exposures including specifics for organophosphates, glyphosate, dichlorobenil, and other pesticides.

1 Credit approved in the following states: Alaska, Arizona(PMD), Delaware (PA,1A), Idaho, Montana (all categories), North Carolina (G01), Nevada (Core - general), New Mexico (00, PRAP, PRRO), Oklahoma (all categories), Oregon (core), Pennsylvania (00), South Carolina, Tennessee (all categories), Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

2 Credits approved in the following states: Maryland (7C,7D,10) and West Virginia (all categories except PA).

1 Credit: AK, AZ(PMD), DE(PA,1A), ID, MT (all categories), NC (G01), NV (Core - general), NM(00,PRAP,PRRO), OK(all categories), OR (core), PA(00), SC, TN(all categories), UT, WA, WY.
2 Credits: MD(7C,7D,10), WV(all categories except PA).
2020 Pesticide Hazards and Your Health

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