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The Self-Directed courses are the same PowerPoint presentations and audio used for the Viticulture and Enology Certificate Program (  However, here there is no need to go on a waiting list and you can purchase any of the courses individually.  There is no instructor contact available with the self-directed option, there are no exams or assignments, no travel is required, and there is no certificate.   Begin your winemaking and grape production education now!

Viticulture Courses
These courses, also taught by Washington State University and Industry Specialists, are for those who are interested in developing and/or maintaining a vineyard for wine or juice grape production.
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Soil and Nutrient Management Item Name:
Soil and Nutrient Management
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The objective of this course is to introduce concepts of soil science with an emphasis on soil properties for premium wine grape production. We will address soil formation, physical and chemical properties, as well so soil and, to a lesser extent, water management. Topics will be addressed to cover the concepts behind and practical guidance for decision making for soil and nutrient management, including aspects of soil water as this influences plant nutrient availability. Concepts covered will be: nutrient management strategies and needs for newly planted and established vineyards; irrigation water quality and quantity management as related to soil and nutrient management.

The 14 Lectures Topics are:
Lecture 1 - Introduction to Soil Properties
Lecture 2 - Introduction to Soil Properties, continued
Lecture 3 - Soil Chemical Properties
Lecture 4 - Soil Variability
Lecture 5 - Essential Plant Nutrients
Lecture 6 - Soil Derived Nutrient Uptake
Lecture 7 - Soil Testing
Lecture 8 - Plant Tissue Testing
Lecture 9 - Soil Water
Lecture 10 - Irrigation Water Quality
Lecture 11 - Irrigation and Soil Salinity
Lecture 12 - Nutrient Management
Lecture 13 - Soil Management
Lecture 14 - Site Preparation and Cover Crops

After purchasing a course you will receive two emails, one will confirm your purchase and one to give you the website for the course and login information. You will also receive periodic emails with suggested textbooks, wine discussions sites you may be interested in, and notification of workshops that may enhance your wine education.
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