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Sheep and Goat: Health and Disease
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Sheep and Goat: Health and Disease
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Sheep and Goat: Health and Disease
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Both lessons are presented by Susan Kerr, DVM, WSU Extension. In the lesson on health and disease you will:

  • Understand how sustainable producers monitor their animals and apply preventive measures to ensure healthy animals
  • Learn how to identify and reduce sources of stress that affect animal health
  • Gain basic knowledge of the major common sheep and goat diseases
  • Understand the need to work within federal laws when administering medications to food animals


After viewing New Trends in Small Ruminant Parasite Detection and Control you will:

  • Understand basic concepts of how drug resistance affects parasite control
  • Become familiar with treatment using the FAMACHA system
  • Become familiar with several parasite control options
  • Understand ways to prevent dewormer drug resistance
This two part module covers a multitude of sheep and goat health topics including a lesson focused on parasite detection and control.
Sheep and Goat: Health and Disease