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Managing Sheep and Goats - Short Course
This comprehensive self-directed short course covers key topics to help producers establish or expand sheep and goat meat production operations as part of their farming enterprises.
SLP-SG-Short Course

Sheep and Goat: Breed Selection
Overview of considerations for selecting appropriate sheep and goat breeds.

Sheep and Goat: Feeding and Nutrition
This two part module covers sheep and goat feeding and nutrition topics.

Sheep and Goat: Financial Planning & Record Keeping
Financial planning and record keeping are key skills for ensuring profitability.

Sheep and Goat: Health and Disease
This two part module covers a multitude of sheep and goat health topics including a lesson focused on parasite detection and control.

Sheep and Goat: Marketing and Regulations
It is critical for small farmers to understand regulations that affect market opportunities.

Sheep and Goat: Pasture Management
This two part module presents grazing options and pasture management practices as well as a visual lesson (pictures) in pasture management.

Internet Training Courses