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2024 Weed Identification and Management
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2024 Weed Identification and Management
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2024 Weed Identification and Management
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This course provides identification descriptions, habitat information and management options for a variety of weeds.  Non-chemical and chemical strategies are covered for each weed.  This course should be useful if you are having problems with redroot pigweed, poison hemlock, common burdock, Canada thistle, annual sowthistle, common dandelion, common groundsel, hairy bittercress, shepherdspurse, common lambsquarters, common chickweed, yellow nutsedge, horsetail, spurges, Scotch broom, hedge and field bindweed, quackgrass, Japanese knotweed, and Evergreen and Himalayan blackberries. Published 2010

1 Credit approved in the following states: Alaska,  Arizona, (AG), Delaware(06,PA/Core,1A), Idaho, Montana (10,30,34,37,39,44,45,55,60), Nevada (B2,C6, general), New Mexico (00, PRAP, PRRO), Oklahoma (1a, 3a, 3c, 6, 10), Oregon, Tennessee (C01,C02,C03,C04,C06,C10,C12,LHA), Utah, Washington.

1.5 Credits: South Carolina, Wyoming.

2 Credits approved in the following states: Maryland  (1A, 3C, 6, 9, 10) and West Virginia (4A, 7), Pennsylvania (PC, 07, 10, 18, 23).


1 Credit: AK, ID, MT(10,30,34,37,39,44,45,55,60), OR, UT, WA (Max, Weed).
1.5 Credit: SC.
2 Credit: MD(1A,3C,6,9,10), WV(4A,7), PA(PC,07,10,18,23)
2024 Weed Identification and Management

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