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2024 Spiders and Their Relatives
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2024 Spiders and Their Relatives
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2024 Spiders and Their Relatives
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Learn about common spiders and their relatives including ticks and daddy longlegs.  Identification characteristics, biology and pest management strategies for arachnids will be discussed. Published 2010

1 Credit approved in the following states: Alaska, Arizona (PMD), Delaware(7A), Idaho, Montana (10,30,34,39,40,45,60), Nevada (C2 - general), New Mexico, Oklahoma (3A, 7A, 10), Oregon, Pennsylvania (11, 16, 18, 23), South Carolina, Tennessee(C07, C08, C10, C12), Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

2 Credits approved in the following states: Maryland (7A), Pennsylvania (11, 16, 18, 23), and West Virginia (1,11,3,4,4B,8AE).


1 Credit: AK, AZ (PMD), ID, MT (10,30,34,39,40,45,60), OR, SC, PA(11, 16, 18, 23), UT, WA.
2 Credits: MD(7A), PA(11,16,18,23), WV(1,11,3,4,4B,8AE).
2024 Spiders and Their Relatives

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