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2022 Water Quality and Pesticide Registration
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2022 Water Quality and Pesticide Registration
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2022 Water Quality and Pesticide Registration
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This course provides an overview of the water supply and how improper pesticide applications may affect it by infiltration through surface runoff and leaching. Then, the process of federal pesticide registration as it relates to water quality is thoroughly explained. Several years of testing and review are required before products are evaluated, given a label, and sold for use. This course is recommended for all private, public, and commercial applicators. Published 2011

1 Credit approved in the following states: Alaska, Arizona (AG), Delaware (PA/core, 1A), Idaho, Montana (10,30,33,34,36,37,38,39,41,44,45,50,55,56abc,60,61), Nevada (C5, laws), New Mexico (00, PRAP, PRRO), Oklahoma (1A,3A,3C,6,0),  Oregon (core), Pennsylvania (00), South Carolina, Tennessee (all categories), Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

2 Credits approved in the following states: Maryland (core) and West Virginia (All categories except PA).

1 Credit: AK,AZ(AG),DE(PA/core,1A),ID,MT(10,30,33,34,36,37,38,39,41,44,45,50,55,56abc,60,61)
NV(C5, laws),NM(00,PRAP,PRRO),OK(1A,3A,3C,6,10),OR(core),PA(00),SC,TN(all),UT,WA(weed),WY. 
2 Credits: MD(core), WV(all except PA).
2022 Water Quality and Pesticide Registration

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