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2021 Principles of Vertebrate Pest Management
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2021 Principles of Vertebrate Pest Management
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2021 Principles of Vertebrate Pest Management
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This course covers a variety of vertebrate pests and management strategies that have proven to be successful for pest management professionals. From house mice and Norway rats to moles, crows, and pigeons, this course discusses a myriad of potential pest animals and what professional operators can do about them. Prevention, baiting, trapping, and pesticide applications are explained, and the positive and negative aspects of each method are weighed. This course is especially recommended for Pest Control Operators (PCOs) and Structural Pest Inspectors (SPIs). Published 2011

1 Credit approved in the following states: Alaska,  Delaware (7A,3), Idaho, Montana (10,32,35,39,40,45,54,60), Nevada (C2,B3,general), New Mexico (00, PRAP, PRRO), North Carolina (P01), Oklahoma (10, 11A, 11B), Oregon, Pennsylvania (11,15,18,23), S. Carolina, Tennessee(C01,C03,C07,C08,C10,C12,LHA), Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

2 Credits approved in the following states: Maryland (7C,7D,10) and West Virginia (4A,8A).

1 Credit: AK, DE(7A,03), ID, MT(10,32,35,39,40,45,54,60), NC(P01), NV (C2,B3,general), NM(00,PRAP,PRRO), OK(10,11A, 11B), OR, PA(11,15,18,23), SC, TN(C01,C03,C07,C08,C10,C12,LHA), UT, WA, WY.
2 Credits: MD(7C,7D,10), WV(4A,8A).
2021 Principles of Vertebrate Pest Management

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