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2020 The Roundup (Glyphosate) Controversy
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2020 The Roundup (Glyphosate) Controversy
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Glyphosate herbicide is used around the world and in the news a lot. Dr. Allan Felsot, WSU Department of Entomology, will take a look at the chemistry of glyphosate, some basic toxicological principles and decipher the scientific literature to provide data to answer the question, “Does glyphosate cause cancer?”

1 Credit: Arizona (AG/PMD), Delaware (PA, 1A), Montana, (10, 30, 33, 34, 37, 39, 44, 45, 55, 60), New Mexico, Oregon (core), Washington, Wyoming

2 Credits: Maryland (3C, 6, 10), Utah (safety), West Virginia (1, 3, 4A, 7, 11, 12, 13C, PA)


1 Credit: AZ (AG/PMD), DE(PA,1A), MT (10,30,33,34,37,39,44,45,55,60), NM, OR(core), WA, WY

2 Credits: MD (3C,6,10), UT (safety), WV (1,3,4A,7,11,12,13C,PA)
2020 The Roundup (Glyphosate) Controversy

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